Aleksandr Vershinin

Director of 'Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library'.

Born October 12, 1957.
1983 — graduated from the Faculty of Law, Leningrad State University. 1986 — defended Candidate of Law dissertation on “The Substance of Civil Procedural Law Relationships.”
1989-1990, 1993-1994 — studied and performed scientific research at Hamburg and Regensburg Universities (Germany). 1998 — defended Doctor of Law dissertation on “Approaches to the Judicial Protection of Civil Rights”. 2000 — served as a Visiting Professor in Export Law and Comparative Studies of Legislation on Bankruptcy at the University of Vienna. 2008 — served as Visiting Professor in the Doctoral Study Program of the Faculty of Law at the University of Latvia (Riga). 2002–2005 — worked as a Deputy Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Germany. 2006–2009 — headed the Inter-Departmental Masters Program in Energy Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Saint-Petersburg. Apart from scientific and teaching activity, works as an expert, appears in legal cases for business operations (including export). Since 2009 — Director of Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library.
Author of more than 100 scientific works.