Sergey Stepashin
Doctor of Law, Chairman of State Corporation Supervisory Board - "Fund for Assistance to Reformation of Housing and Utility" (Moscow, Russia)
Aleksandr Arinin
Doctor of Political Science, Member of Russian Natural Sciences Academy, Head of “The Institute of Federalism and Civil Society” (Moscow, Russia)
Aleksandr Vershinin
Doctor of Law, Professor, Director of 'Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library' (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Anton Likhomanov
Candidate of History, Director General of National Library of Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Abdulla Daudov
Doctor of History, Professor, Director of Institute of History, St. Petersburg State University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Gennadiy Sobolev
Doctor of History, Professor Emeritus of Saint-Petersburg State University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Valentin Shelokhaev
Doctor of History, Chief Research Associate of Russian History Institute of Russian Sciences Academy (Moscow, Russia)
David Brandenberger
Ph.D. in History, Associate Professor, University of Richmond (USA)
Martin Blackwell
Ph.D. in History, Associate Professor, University of North Georgia (USA)
Dmitry Shlapentokh
Ph.D. in History, Associate Professor, Indiana University South Bend (USA)