Abdulla Daudov

Director of Institute of History, Saint-Petersburg State University.

Born in December 1952 in Kirgiz Soviet Socialist Republic where his parents lived after the deportation of the Chechen people in 1944. 1970 — graduated magna cum laude from Sayasan secondary school in Chechen-Ingush ASSR, where his family returned after the deportation. 1975 — graduated cum laude from Faculty of History, Leningrad State University. 1984 — defended Candidate of History dissertation on “The Establishment and the Development of the Highland ASSR, 1920–1924: The Problems of the Nation-Building”. 1998 — defended Doctor of History dissertation on “The Socio-Economic Development of the Highland ASSR (1920–1924)”.
1979–1986 — Teaching Assistant, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor at Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute. Since 1986 works at the Faculty of History of Leningrad State University (later Saint-Petersburg State University). Since 2011 — Head of the Department of the History of the CIS Nations. In May 2012 elected as a Dean of the Faculty of History (Institute of History) of the Saint-Petersburg State University.
Author of more than 50 scientific works.