#2 (16) 2016

Please note that articles are mostly in Russian. However every article has its title, author name and information, abstract and references in English. These can be found at the end of each file (due to the journal structure).

Russia in Wars and Revolutions of the 20th Century

Morozova O. M., Troshina T. I. 'Woman's View at Man's Work: The Revolution and the Civil War through the Eyes of Women and through Their Fates'

Ivanov V. A. 'Human and the Cacophony of War (Summer – Autumn 1941): New Sources and Attempts of Interpreting'

Gavrilova O. A., Khodjakov M. V. 'The Manufacturing if Ration Cards in the Besieged City of Leningrad. 1941-1943'

Vyazmenskiy S. B. 'The Formation and the Battle Path of the K. E. Voroshilov International Guerilla Detachment. 1942-1943'

Events and People

Zverev V. O. 'Military Secrets in Parliament of Pre-war Tsarist Russia'

Patrikeeva O. A. 'The Rebirth of the Tauride Palace: Reconstruction of Premises of the Palace for the State Duma of the Russian Empire'

Voytikov S. S. 'Old Bolshevik A. G. Vasiliev at the Origins of the Polirical Departments of the Red Army, the Military Division of the Central Committee of the RCP(b)'s Secretariat and the Soviet Military Counterintelligence'

Slutskaya L. V. 'A "Dark Stain" on the Reputation of the Comintern: the Case of the Missing French Delegates'

Kaminskiy V. V. 'Continuing the Work of A. G. Kavtaradze: the Cadets of the 3rd Stage of Accelerated Courses at the Russian General Staff's Nikolay Academy in Red Army (1918-1930s)'

Milbakh V. S., Larkin V. V. 'The Commanders of the Transcaucasian Military District during 1937-38 and Their Role within the Process of the Mass Political Repressions of the Army Leadership Structure'

Cultural Anthropology

Ustyugova V. V. 'A "New Paradise": Institutional Aspects of Cinemas in a Russian Province during the early 20th Century'

Dogo D. 'Building the Public Image of the Unknown Soldier. The Italian Case in the Post-war European Context: Memory and Cinema'

Popova O. D. 'The Changing Culinary Mores of Celebratory Life within Soviet Society'

Zhuang Y. 'Leningrad's Theatre Censorship in the First Half of the 1950s (on Example of Drama Theaters)'


'The Discussion about Creation of the "Soviet" Orthodox Church in Leading Circles of Bolshevist Party and the Soviet State (1919-1921)'. A publication by M. Yu. Krapivin


Grebenkin I. N. 'Review on: "Materialy dlja istorii Kornilovskogo udarnogo polka'


'The 65th Anniversary of Vladislav I. Goldin'

'The Anniversary of Evgeniy V. Ilyin'