Requirements for presented materials

Submission of typescripts

1. The text submitted for publication must be original, not published earlier in any other scientific periodical. We welcome articles of up to 40 000 characters including blanks in length (for post-graduate students – up to 20 000 characters). Articles should be submitted electronically.

2. All article submissions must be accompanied by a short abstract (around 200 words) and four to five keywords in Russian and English (the translation of the article’s title into English is compulsory).

3. Information about the author (authors):
  • his/her full name (in Russian and English);
  • the author’s institutional affiliation, position, degree, and academic rank;
  • contact information (email address and telephone).

4. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively (1, 2, 3, etc, not i, ii, iii…) and presented as endnotes at the end of the article. Additionally, the list of the literature used is placed at the end ot the article, with full imprint (author’s full name as it appears on the title page, book title, place and date of publication). For example:
  1. Милюков П.Н. История второй русской революции. М.: "Российская политическая энциклопедия", 2001. 767 с.
  2. Таганцев Н.Н. Из моих воспоминаний // 1917 год в судьбах России и мира. Октябрьская революция: от новых источников к новому осмыслению / Отв. ред. С.В. Тютюкин. М.: ИРИ РАН, 1998. С. 315-320.

5. Illustrations must be provided in .tif (.tiff) or .jpg (.jpeg) which resolution is 300 dpi or higher. Image dimension must be at least 5x5 cm. Editorial board reserve the right to reject the illustration if it does not satisfy these requirements.

Final decision on publication of the materials is a subject of responsibility of the Editorial Board. Articles not meeting its requirements are not accepted. Authors are completely responsible for selection and authenticity of facts, quotations, proper names, geographical names and other information in their articles, and, as well, for not mentioning of facts, which are not to be an object of an open press.
Please, mail your materials to: