#3 (14) 2015

Please note that articles are mostly in Russian. However every article has its title, author name and information, abstract and references in English. These can be found at the end of each file (due to the journal structure).

Russia in Wars and Revolutions of the 20th Century

Ratkovskiy I. S. 'Dzerzhinowo in the Fate of "Iron Felix"'

Golik A. A. 'The Far Eastern Cossacks in the Russo-Japanes War of 1904-1905'

Voytikov S. S. 'J. V. Stalin against Y. M. Sverdlov'

Kaminskiy V. V., Milbakh V. S. 'The Fate of Komkor Nikolay Lisovskiy'

Nazarenko K. B. 'Mikhail Tukhachevskiy: Between Myths and Historical Science'

Events and People

Brachev V. S. 'Historian Isaac Trotskiy (1903-1937)'

Petrov V. V. '"I Would rather Serve as Policeman thas as Rector...": Proceedings of the Organizational Commission of Leningrad State University'

Bazanov P. N. 'Historian Nikolai Oulianov – Student and Lecturer of the Leningrad State University'

Culture and Arts

Legenkova E. A. 'Trip to Russia in 1928 through the Eyes of Eleni Samios-Kazantzaki: in Defense of PanaÎt Istrati'

Taymanova T. S. 'The French Worker about the Soviet Union: Historical Experience and Literature'

Kharshak A. A. 'Peter Kornilov (1896-1981). Creative Development'

Yarmolich F. K. 'Young Men and the Cultural and Educational Work in the 1950s (on Materials of Leningrad)'

Kotova E. S. 'Some Features of the Representation of the Problems of Urban Development in the USSR and the United Kingdom, 1950-1970s'


Slashchov Ya. A. 'Volunteer Army in 1918'. Part I. A publication by A. S. Puchenkov

'Autonomous Siberia Provisional Government's Documents on Circulation of Siberian Expedition of Japanese Troops Military Money'. A publication by D. I. Petin

'GPU Direction about Party and State Leaders Portraits on Tobacco Production (July 1923)'. A publication by M. Yu. Krapivin


Kuz V. V. 'Review on: Bardileva Y. P. "Russkaja pravoslavnaja Cerkov' na Kol'skom Severe v pervoj polovine 20 veka"'

Khodyakov M. V. 'Review on: "Voennoplennye Vtoroj mirovoj voyny v lagerjah Tambovskoj oblasti: sbornik dokumentov i materialov"'

Tikhomirov A. A. 'Review on: Hornsby R. "Protest, Reform and Repression in Khrushchev's Soviet Union"'

Ilicheva M. B. 'Review on: "Baltijskoe sosedstvo: Rossija, Shvecija, strany Baltii na fone epoh i sobytij XIX-XXI vv."'