#1 (09) 2014

Please note that articles are mostly in Russian. However every article has its title, author name and information, abstract and references in English. These can be found at the end of each file (due to the journal structure).

Methodology of History

Riabova L. K., Riabov A. A. 'A. S. Lappo-Danilevskiy's Historical Methodology and Modern Western Historical Theory'

Russia in Wars and Revolutions of the 20th century

Tsindik A. A. 'Sources for the Study of Military and Combat Activities within the Revolutionary Underground of Western Siberia. 1905 – February 1917'

Tarasov K. A. 'Political Violence in the Petrograd Garrison in May – July 1917'

Kaminskiy V. V. 'From Kolchak to the Red Army: The Career and Eventual Fate of the Graduates of the Junior Class of the "White" General Staff Academy's 4th Round of Accelerated Courses (Tomsk. April, 1919)'

Tverdyukova E. D. 'Provisioning Tickets for Railroad Workers: the Problem of Legal "Bag-Man" Activities during the Russian Civil War Years'

Events and People

Corcoran J. 'Dueling Visions: Boris Chicherin and Dmitri Shipov on Local Self-Government and its Limits'

Krapivin M. Yu. 'The Free Labour Church (1922-1925): From History of the Renovationist Movement in Russian Orthodoxy during the first half of the 20th century'

Nikulenkova E. V. 'The History Department of the Institute of Red Professors in the 1920s'

Bliznichenko S. S., Lazarev S. E. 'Repressions at the F. E. Dzerzhinskiy Naval Engineering School in 1930s'

Ivanov A. A., Mashkevich S. V., Puchenkov A. S. '"Tsar and People: That's the formula of our time". About N. E. Markov's views in the 1930s'

Russia and the World

Rupasov A. I. '"Mask of Neutrality Slips Away". Soviet-Swedish Relations in the late 1940s – early 1950s'

Treewater-Lipes R. N. 'Jewish Russian-ness or Russian Jewish-ness: Dina Rubina and the Russian-speaking Alliyah Identity'

Tóth R. 'The Transformations of the Russian Political System in the International Context'

Culture and Art

Kashchenko E. S. 'M. I. Romm and E. A. Kuzmina: The Creative Union of a Director and Actress'

Kharshak A. A. 'Piotr Evgenievich Kornilov (1896-1981). His Career Path and Ascent'

Mikhailova I. B. 'Happy Anniversary, "Ivan Vasilievich!" M. A. Bulgakov's Play as a literary Insipartion for L. I. Gaidai's Film'


'State Bank of Siberia Establishment in 1918 (based on the documents from Omsk region Historical Archive). A publication by D. I. Petin

'The "Direct Line" Conversations between Moscow and Leningrad in 1941-1942'. A publication by K. A. Boldovskiy, G. L. Sobolev and M. V. Khodjakov


Lyarskiy A. B. Review on: Sinova I. V. 'Deti v gorodskom rossijskom sociume vo vtoroj polovine XIX – nachale XX v.: problema socializacii, deviantnosti i zhestokogo obrashenija'

Petrov I. V., Ratchkovsky V. A. Review on: Shkarovskiy M. V., Soloviev I., sviashch. 'Tcerkov protiv bolshevizma'


Sobolev G. L. 'Valentin Mikhailovich Kovalchuk (22.07.1916 – 04.10.2013)'

St. Petersburg Scientific School. New books on Modern History of Russia