#1 (06) 2013

Please note that articles are mostly in Russian. However every article has its title, author name and information, abstract and references in English. These can be found at the end of each file (due to the journal structure).

To the first centenary if L. N. Gumilev's birthday

Ganelin R. Sh. Two pages from L. N. Gumilev's biography

Voronovich A. V. Gumilev's monographs on Passionary Theory of Ethnohenesis: Publication history

Russia in Wars and Revolutions of XX century

Sokolova A. V. Russian Red Cross Society in Russian-Japanese War and the World War I

Lobanov V. B. About the Civil War in North Caucasus: Terek Revolt of 1918

Kaminskiy V. V. Everyday motivation at concrete biographies: General Staff Lieutenant-Colonel Viktor Ivanovich Oberiukhtin - "the servant of two misters" serially (1918-1938)

Russia and the West

Danilova O. S. Gustav Morel: life and death in the name of the Churches Unity

Coeuré S. "Russian exile" and the policy of European countries of the 1940s-80s

Kashevarov A. N. The spiritual condition of the West in the perception of the ideologues and publicists of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad 1950-1970s

Events and people

Gavrilova O. A., Khodyakov M. V. St. Petersburg University in the fates of Russian liberalism leaders: F. I. Rodichev and V. D. Nabokov

Tsindik A. A. The work of the law enforcement agencies of the Western Siberia. 1905-1914

Sobolev G. L. "Leningrad school" of historians of Russian revolution of 1917

Nefedov S. A.. Grain balances in 1920-1930s

Kutuzov V. A.. Mysterious death of A. A. Zhdanov

Mikheev V. F., Mikheev G. F.. "The Leningrad affair" (on the base of the investigatory cases)(part II)

Tikhonov V. V. "The worst example of foreignisms admiration": "late Stalinism" ideological campaigns and the fate of the historian S. A. Feygina

Kharshak A. A. Petr Yevgenyevich Kornilov (1896-1981). Career. Service


Church in Revolution: the organization and work of the All-Russian clergy and believers congress in 1917. Published by M. V. Kail

The All-Russian Union of the Evangelical Christians report to the Council of Peoples Commissars of the RSFSR (October 1920). Published by M. Yu. Krapivin

Historical Archive's of Omsk region documents on printing of bonds of Omskaya and Tomskaya railroads. Published by D. I. Petin


Sobolev G. L. Review on: Tyutyukin S. V. Aleksandr Kerenskij. Stranicy politicheskoj biografii (1905-1917)

Ivanov A. A. Review on: Babkov D. I. Gosudarstvennye i nacional'nye problemy v mirovozzrenii V. V. Shul'gina v 1917-1939 godax

Gavrilova O. A. Review on: Lazarev S. E. Sociokul'turnyj sostav sovetskoj voennoj e'lity 1931-1938 gg. i ee ocenki v presse russkogo zarubezh'ya

Ilicheva M. B. Review on: Rossiya i Norvegiya: Voprosy otechestvennogo istochnikovedeniya i istoriografii (XIX-XXI vv.)


Ryabova L. K.. International Scientific Conference "Scientific heritage of L. N. Gumilev: origins, evolution, perception problems"

Rupasov A. I., Tchistikov A. N. Seminar "Problems of the USSR Postwar History" in 2012


Vozgrin V. E.. Professor A. V. Smolin anniversary

St. Petersburg scientific school. New books on modern history of Russia