#1 (15) 2016

Please note that articles are mostly in Russian. However every article has its title, author name and information, abstract and references in English. These can be found at the end of each file (due to the journal structure).

Russia in Wars and Revolutions of the 20th Century

Sobolev G. L., Khodjakov M. V. 'The Food Commission of Leningrad Front Military Council in 1942'

Soleim M. N. 'Soviet Prisoners of War in Norway 1941–1945 — Destiny, Treatment and Forgotten Memories'

Events and People

Tverdyukova E. D. '“Banks for the Poor”: Activity of Pawnshops of Petrograd-Leningrad during the First Post-Revolutionary Decade. 1918–1928'

Kassof B. 'Ideology without Organization? Internal Central Committee Debates on the Functions of the Otdel pechati in the 1920s'

Kaminskiy V. V. '“Double Shifters” in the General Staff of the Red Army: Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Syromyatnikov and his Career'

Stupin I. A. 'Events of the mid-1930s on the Karelian Isthmus in the Fate of Ingrian Finns'

Fedorov A. N. '“Tank King” and “Disgraced General”: The Birth of a Legend about Isaak Zaltsman'

Munzhukova S. I. 'Boris Engelhardt and his Memoirs. 1940–1960'

Ilyin Y. A., Kanischev V. V. 'The Environmental Situation in the Provincial (Regional) Centers in Russia and the Urban Economy in the 20th Century (by the Materials of Penza, Ryazan, and Tambov)'

Cultural Anthropology

Razvozzhaeva E. V. 'France in the Diaries and Memoirs of Russian Travelers from the late 19th – early 20th Centuries'

Danilova O. S. 'Nikolai Berdyaev and Pierre Pascal: Russian-French Meetings and Reminiscences. 1918–1935'

Shizhenskiy R. V., Tyutina O. S. 'Identification of the Slavic Pagans: Social Portrait, State and Leader's Image According to Field Studies'


'Emiliy Shtempel — the Agent of the German Intelligence or the Victim of the Limiting Legislature?'. A publication by E. A. Bochkov

Slashchov Ya. A. 'Volunteer Army in 1918'. Part II. A publication by A. S. Puchenkov

'Military Oaths of Civil War'. A publication by R. G. Gagkuev and S. G. Shilova

'Ataman A. P. Filimonov and General A. I. Denikin about Antibolshevik Movement Mission. A publication by V. A. Ternovskiy


Boldovskiy K. A. 'Review on: Levis H. Sigelbaum, Leslie Page Moch "Broad is my Native land: Repertoires and Regimes of Migration in Russia’s Twentieth Century"'


Gruznova E. B. 'Activity of the Russian Historical Society (St. Petersburg Branch) in 2015'


'To the 60th Anniversary of Professor M. F. Polynov'

St. Petersburg Scientific School. New Books on Modern History of Russia