#1 (12) 2015

Please note that articles are mostly in Russian. However every article has its title, author name and information, abstract and references in English. These can be found at the end of each file (due to the journal structure).

Russia in Wars and Revolutions of the 20th Century

Zverev V. O. 'German Military Espionage in the Capital of the Russian Empire in Banking, Publishing and Journalism (1907-1914)'

Danilova O. S., Slutskaya L. V. 'Memoirs Concerning the Russian Empire and its Western Front among French Participants of World War I'

Samovich A. L. 'The Patriotic Movement among Students in Minsk Province during World War I'

Rachkovskiy V. A. 'The War and the Petrograd Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies in February-March 1917'

Ratkovskiy I. S. 'Reinstatement of the Death Penalty in Russia in the Summer of 1917'

Kaminskiy V. V. 'Lieutenant-General of the General Staff N. N. Stogov – A Scrupulous Red Army Military Specialist or Notorious "Wrecker" within its Ranks?'

Events and People

Tverdyukova E. D. '"Sausage is a Matter of Confidence": The Counterfeiting of Foodstuffs in Russia during the Years of the First World War (1914‑1918)'

Mikheev G. F. 'Waves of the "Leningrad Affair" (A Case Study on the Repression of Relatives of the "Enemies of the People" Based on Investigatory Materials)'

Culture and Arts

Ryabova L. K. 'A Methodology for Researching the Perception of City Space (On the Case of Vyborg)'

Tóth R. 'European Culture Crisis as Premise of War'

Gronskiy A. D. 'The Vision of World War I in Belorussian School and Academic Textbooks'

Pivovarov E. G. 'Publications of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the United States in 1860-1940 (The Effect of World War I on the Development of Russian-American Cultural Relations)

Mikhailova I. B. '"Terrible Film" about "Psychology of Power". Creators of the Film about it's Meaning'

Russian-French Relations: Intercultural Dialogue

Abensour G. 'Cultural Transfer between France and the Russian Emigre: Attraction, Brotherhood and Renunciation'

Jacob F. 'From "God Save the Tsar!" to "Red Wolves": the AntiBolshevist Campaign by Louis Dumur'

Millet-Gérard D. 'Russian Presence in France in 1920-1930s on Pages of "Le Roseau d'Or"'


'Documents on Orthodox Clergy's Life under German Occupation on Ösel Island, 1917-1918'. A publication by I. V. Petrov

'"Siberian" Treasury 5 Rouble Bills: Documens on its Appereance'. A publication by D. I. Petin

'Nabokov V. D. "Crimea in 1918-1919"'. A publication by A. S. Puchenkov

'VChK Secret Department's Documents about Political Control upon Clergy, 1919-1920'. A publication by M. Yu. Krapivin


Rodnov M. I. 'Review on: Morozan V. V. "Delovaja zhizn na jude Rossii v XIX - nachale XX veka"'

Repnikov A. V. 'Review on: Ivanov A. A. "Pravye v russkom parlamente: ot krizisa k krahu (1914-1917)"'


Eremeeva A. N. Historian, Publisher, Fatherland's Defender: the 60th Anniversary of S. N. Poltorak'

St. Petersburg Scientific School. New Books on Modern History of Russia